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The Blue Rose Gallery Brand Is Representative Of Bringing Order Out Of Chaos.

The scrolling pictures are some of what your not seeing from inside!!
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''Carpenters Coffer''
''Celtic Attic of Art & Bind Runes'' 
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''Crystal Crevice''
''India Ink Well''
''Casa Mashinanna''
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Angel Loft
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Samigushi Sneak Preview
Native Indian Preview
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Gender Gymnasium
 Poet Pavilion Preview
Montage Hall Preview
 Flower Tower Preview
Tapestry Terrace Preview
Midas Manor Preview
Astral Projection Plane
Quartet Music Shop Preview
Video Veranda Preview
Pencil Palace Preview
 Prouse Penthouse Preview
Maze Mantle Preview
 Stage Left Preview
Stage Right Preview
 Kaleidoscope Cavern
open field

Come, come, I'm waiting to see, the freshness of a world to be.

Speak, speak so sweet and gentle of songs yet to be put to symphony.

Sing the songs known only in worlds beyond these earthly reality.

Come, speak, sing, for all are one in the awakening minds imagery.

TBRG Mandate

As does the dictionary have many definitions for the word  "Gallery", so does The Blue Rose widely employ the many variations of  Gallery.  Of course there is art available for the purpose sales and commision, to be hung upon a wall but, more so than any standard auction venue there are digital presentations also obtainable in many formats and  frugal presentations.  Persons from all walks of life may be found lounging at any given time within the online gallery, viewing and or participating in a show comprised of arts, virtual theatrics and varied forms of entertainment. Our Gallery such as it is, constitutes a higher way to being a social club, driven by opening doors, culture and intelligence. Limited by nothing, bound by no barriers, we interact on all imaginable levels. Like the song that never ends the curtain never falls here. The Bluerose Gallery is the pillar, the construct formed of a community called mankind, consisting of homo sapiens profound.

Members are privileged to inclusively enjoy the full benefits of  three worlds. There is the in the flesh gallery with associated shows and events, the virtual gallery with associated shows and events, all gelled together with the world of each and every individual coming together as one for fun. All members are considered to be top drawer personalities, entrusted with the integrity of our outlook.

Public provision for non members is key in that it provides public relations in such a manner which is practical. Although image content within the public realm remains as static, it is more than workable in a continual open house fashion. The intention is not only to provide a degree of  the culture to those unable to afford a full blown experience of membership, but also, allows for an insight as to what TBRG culture is about to those interested, while spelling out the greater potentials of membership.

In other words TBRG’s online experience is partially open to public participation, while the in person events and shows remain available for set out fees, yet, membership entitles access to more than the lower levels as part and parcel with their dues.

In the coming of our presentations we will endeavor to bring you a wide spectrum of treasures. With upwards of a three thousand pieces to be eventually exhibited, there is something here for all to connect with. The theme range is so diverse as to span from golden years to grandchildren...from funtastic to fantasy... from illusionary to illuminance... from esoteric to erotica... from playful to portraits and of course serious to simply stunning.

Being that rather large graphic e-files are The Life's Blood for The Blue Rose Gallery, fancy Internet devices are deliberately kept segregated, in the interest of allowing the greater populous download times which are as reasonable as possible.

Images marked ''FEATURE'' are obtainable on consignment, in either digital, print, poster or original as marked. It is recommended you first get yourself an item ledger for your reference from here. Please feel free to direct your mail-by-post.

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