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Mystic Mezzanine

Mystic Mezzanine is materializing.
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10 works.
Facits 10.1kbGIF

''Facets'' (106kb JPEG)
16''x20'', Oils 

revelation 10kbGIF

36''x48'', Oils

birth 10kbGIF

''Birth of Mashinanna'' 

(107kbJPEG), 28''x22'' Oils,


air 9.89kbGIF

''Air from Water''

(124kbJPEG), 2''x48'' Oils 

consciou 10.6kbGIF

''Consciousness Through Time''

(131kbJPEG), 48''x42'' Oils 

guardian 11.3kbGIF

''Guardian of the Flame''

(137kbJPEG), 48''x32'' Oils

nous 11kbGIF


(126kbJPEG), 48''x42'' Oils 

peacebst 11.8kbGIF

''Peace Burst Explodes Forth'' 

(142kbJPEG), 41''x42'' Oils, 


three 9.58kbGIF

''Three Paths''

(108kbJPEG), 24''x32'' Oils 

symblols 10.6kbGIF


(144kbJPEG), 32''x41'' Oils 


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