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The Carpenter Rules

a) Radial Arm settings
b) Shaper sharpening
c) Thickness planning
d) Dove Tales and other jointing
e) Saw blade sharpening, cross cut and rip
f)  Kick guards
g) Keeping your fingers and toes
h) Measure once, cut twice
i) Sanding techniques
j) Pain staking staining, waxes, laqure, and other finishes
k) Hand saw operation
l) Tounge and grove wane scotting
j) Sap seapage
k) Tarp it up
l) Stocking Strategies, staging, overflow allowences
m) Switches Twigs and Twists
o) Lathing about
p) Shelving setup
q) putty & fillers
r) Carbon / carbide / diamond tipped blades
s) Rasping rounding filing & inbossing
T)  Vibration detection on Heavy Equipment
u) Crosser placement
v) Crowns Wanes splits and curvatures
w) Rough cut and finished / dressed
x) chalk lines vs straight edges
y) compass's protractors squares &  like measures
z) bits, bites, blisters, nails and adhesives
aa) widdles n chisles, hammers and hatchets
bb) relief carving
cc) Spokes spindles Stairs  balace stringers+streatchers
dd) preasure treated,  ply wood
ee) fir oak pine spruce, scents and strengths
ff) shavings, saw dust and reusable biproducts
gg) vices plus clamps
hh) doors or arches, windows too pains
ii) doweling, cork, balsa, wallnut
jj) cabenetry
kk) rough carpentry
ll) templates for table saws
mm) push sticks
nn) ventilation and exaust vents
oo) difrences in numatic and osilation
pp) finishing nails and screwing it all up
qq) headers and load bearing beams formed of  lumber
rr) just grains till when matina
ss) striping and reconditioning restoration
tt) mastering fencing designs
uu) saw horses not see saws
vv) jig else scroll sawing
ww) benches, gazeebo's, decks, solariums, porches
xx) laminates
yy) proven productivity proceedures
zz) framing before you panel
aaa) sleighs, carrages,  coaches
bbb) facia, roofing and truss'
ccc) picture perfect 45's for the not so square
ddd) trim, moulding, fancifull's
eee) coat racks footstools, closets, boot boxes
fff) cedar chests, doll houses, pupets
ggg) bed knobs and broomsticks
hhh) gun racks
iii) tables and chairs, picknick tables and rocking chairs
jjj) router skills

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