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With this my Quill, it is truly my will,
 sending the thrill, found in your quilts.

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  In the opinion of TBRG, Quilting is a "Craft" of more than mere cloth. It is a representation of colour, fabric and thread stitched together methodically to form a presentation of heart full meanings. Amongst the seams eminence is provided by the souls and, held warmly within are the thoughts of the spirits which created the given works of Art. Through out the gallery or the minds eye, all these elements are ever present. In respect to digital quilting, so is the quilting of thought different from conventional knitting of woolen strands. I recall as a youth, viewing in a museum, quilts hanging on the walls, relic works depicting history in the form of art and placed in the same reverence as the paintings they accompanied.

  It is our goal to allow a broader view of crafting to any whom may be able to openly accept philosophic applications of all sorts. This is why the GoFQR fragment was placed to a special affiliate ( hub) page, that a stable grasp of the amalgamated concepts may be fully absorbed. Although it is in our immediate reach to place some quilted items of our own, it is necessary for TBRG to draw from outside sources, for the growth of camaraderie. It would be so nice to see a bloom from the loom of friendship growing on TBRG Guest Artisans page.

  There is a public album for uploading such works. You may take note that, an inherent cause of TBRG is to provide to challenged people, a venue to express themselves. On a grander scope, this is what your presence has been solicited for, to give these lost souls direction through a medium appropriate to their individual personalities.

  We comprehend that, anything from dress, hand crafted dishes to table cloths hold insightful meanings and enhance the feeling which designers from all walks strive to convey. Duely expressed, we acknowledge the therapeutic qualities and benefits afforded in all types of crafting, however, can only spread our energies so thin. This is why we have begun to branch out, enlisting the expertise of friends / master quilters, willing to give a concerted and focused input for the benefit of upcoming students of these worldly skills.

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Shaman webring

  This piece of White Alabama Marble is a physical representative of the "WHITE STONE" to remind you of the promise "I shall give you a new name."

  The part it plays in your life depends on you - is it real or just a part of the illusion.

  Watch the growth. Ask it, "Where did it come from, who created it?" I ask you, "Where did you come from? Who are you? Who created you?"

  Some say it came from Heaven or from Etheria, others say it came from Alabama (meaning, "Here we rest," named after the Alibamon Indian Tribe). He who has found the truth in Concept Therapy will be able to rest there - in.

  The stone came from the area known as Sylacuaga named by the Creek Indians meaning the Bussards’ Roost, the gathering place of these birds ready to eat the dead flesh. As one comes closer to the realization of his white stone dead flesh is eaten away and the reality shines forth.

  Rev. 2:17 --- To him that over cometh will I give to him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

  Hold it in your hand, is it REAL or an ILLUSION???

  Gifted from the White Wolf


If you manege, have the personality of an animal down pat, like yourself unconditionally and speak the language of the natural world, this forum is for you.

World Wildlife Fund
  World Wildlife Fund
  World Wildlife Fund
  World Wildlife Fund


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