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Feature Items
adam 10.1kbGIF

''Adam and I'' 

(162kbJPEG), 36''x22'' Oils 

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heartsotw 10kbGIF

''Hearts on the Wing'' 

(141kbJPEG), 32''x24'' Oils 

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General Viewing

retreat 10kbGIF


(128kbJPEG), 30''x24'' Oils 

star1 9.16kbGIF

''Gift from Star Child'' 

(140kbJPEG), 32"x24'' Oils 

float 9.37kbGIF

''Floating in Space''

(115kbJPEG), 24''x32'' Oils 

blue cave 10.5kbGIF

''Blue Cave''

(143kbJPEG), 24''x28'' Oils 

aft bosch 10.3kbGIF

''After Bosch''

(134kbJPEG), 36''x24'' Oils 

star2 10.6kbGIF

''Gift from Star Child 2'' 

(112kbJPEG), 24''x32'' Oils 

robe 10.6kbGIF

''Robe of Many Colours'' 

(130kbJPEG), 32''x24'' Oils 

adam, 10.1kbGIF

''Adam and I''

(126kbJPEG), 36''x22'' Oils 

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