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Alchemy Alley Chi Corridor
Zions Den           Troubador's Treasury        
Work Shop Walkway Templar Terrice
Our Place - For Special People Only  Druid
Ojibwa Egyptian
Mayan Medicine Man
Marshal Arts Jewish
Swedenbourge Meditation Aids, TBRG
Morman Budah Bagota
Aztec's Anchient Eastern  Indian

Greetings Friends

Those searching for a clarvoyant, mystical or spiritual growth have certainly found their ample portion of food for thought.

logoAbout the Logo... there are those who would debate that it is a symbol of the devil. Rather, upon examination you will note that although looking quite similar, it is not a pentagram. The point which appears as opened, is thus held by the pillared gateway created by the presence of greater heavenly bodies, which in their eminence are denoted by the all encompassing circle indicative of angelic luminance. This my friends is a symbol which boasts of a righteous path or conduit, enabling for lost souls and those abound by the darkness, a view into the sanctuary of peace, while simultaneously providing a skylight of sorts, that allows the rays of higher wisdoms to permeate the depths of eternal darkness. In a nut shell this is the mark of Mashinanna... mediator of peace.

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