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Complete 7 Bowl Chakra Set
                                         7 harmonically tuned quartz crystal bowls, constructed of 7 different
                                         sizes, each and every bowl scientifically balanced to compliment each
                                         other, each bowl tuned to a specific energy vortex (Chakra). Crystal
                                         Chakra Sets are a masterpiece of sound healing efficiency.
                                         (10" + 12" + 13" + 14" + 15" + 16" + 18" = aprx. $1500.00 U.S / $1200.00 CAN. + shipping)

Optically Clear Chakra-Tuned Kaliski
                                         Quartz Toning Bowls / Bells
                                         Pure quartz crystal, all chakra tuned. A premium addition to the frosted
                                         and clear "Singing" Bowls. For the discriminating person who seeks
                                         excellence in their metaphysical well-being. Available in 3 1/2" Toning
                                         bells with Wooden Stand Base or suspended from a "Crescent Moon"
                                         Stand. Toning Bowls available in 4,5,6 & 7 inch sizes.

Optically Clear Drinking Glasses, Mugs,
                                         Cereal and Soup Bowls, and Salad Bowls
                                        Pure quartz crystal. For those concerned about toxic lead content in
                                         conventional drinking glasses and glass bowls. Pure quartz contains no
                                         lead , is nontransferable and non-absorbable.

The Definitive CD's on Crystal Bowls
                                         CRYSTAL VOICES is the original best selling CD on crystal bowls,
                                         and is a guided chakra meditation using the bowls. Also, the latest
                                         release is called THE SOUNDS OF LIGHT, a sound experience
                                         bathing the listener in harmonic waves.

Authentic Antique Tibetan Bowls
                                         Our Tibetan Singing Bowls are only the authentic antique bowls that
                                         were hand made over 40 years ago, using an ancient combination of
                                         either 5 or 7 metals. There are not produced any more, and are very
                                         difficult to obtain. Great for meditation. Each bowl comes with a
                                         wooden playing mallet. Sizes available are 5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10" &

Pure Quartz Oven Cookware
                                         No lead or aluminum absorption in these products
                                         Pure Quartz Oven Cookware contains non of the harmful lead or
                                         aluminum components that have a tendency to be absorbed into food
                                         while cooking. Pure quartz in inert, thus it will not transfer its properties
                                         into the food you are preparing. Available in 3 different sizes.

                                                      6"x6" Quartz Cooking Dish
                                                      17" x 11" Quartz Baking Tray
                                                      32 oz. Pure Quartz Pitcher

Crystal Windchimes
                                         Our Crystal Windchimes are elegant simplicity. The sound is pure
                                         music in the wind. Each chime is precision tuned to major cord pitches,
                                         and heat treated for additional strength. Seven different styles.
                                         Guaranteed in winds up to 50 mph. If any tube breaks below 50 MPH
                                         we replace it FREE!

Chakra Pillows
                                         These Pillows are a combination of colors and aromas which are
                                         designed to help balance and strengthen your energy. Inside each outer
                                         cover there is a separate packet of herbs and / or spices. This packet
                                         is removable and may be revitalized with essential oils from time to
                                         time. The scents should last up to 1 year. The outer cover is hand
                                         washable. A set consists of 7 Chakra Pillows plus 1 Aura Pillow - 8
                                         Pillows in all.

At Last - - - Chakra Tuned "Singing"
                                         Tibetan Metal Bowls
                                         Now available for the first time, Tibetan Metal "Singing" Bowls, tuned
                                         to the seven notes of the musical scale-corresponding with the seven
                                         chakra energy vortexes. Included with each bowl is a special playing
                                         mallet and "O" ring for base. These bowls are available in three sizes,
                                         small-medium-large. Companion products with the bowls is the
                                         definitive book on metal singing bowls, and a fabulous CD on the
                                         singing bowls.


Chakra Listing
(prices subject to change without notice)

size colour note chakra power physical center U.S. funds
6" . . . . . $139.00
8" . . . . . $149.00
10" green F heart love heart & circulary $159.00
12" yellow E solar plexus order digest/skin/bone $179.00
13" violet B crown understanding 5physical sences $199.00
14" indigo A third eye imagination thalamus brain $219.00
15" red C root life reproductive sys $239.00
16" blue G throat power larynx/muscle/limb  $259.00
18" orange D navel wisdom endoctrine $279.00
20" . . . . . $313.00
22" . . . . . $399.00
24" . . coc cyx cleansing colon/urinary sys $499.00
. . . . . . plus shipping
. . . . . . .

Pure Tone Crystal Therapy

Many cultures recognise the importance of music and sound as a healing power. In the ancient civilizations in India, the Amerindians, the practiceof using sound to heal and achieve ballance from within has existed for many years.The Tibetans still use bells, chimes, bowls, and chanting as the foundationof their spiritual practice. In Bali, Indonesia, the echoing gamelang, gong, and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages.The Australian Aboriginals and Native American shamanist use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremony to adjust any imbalance of spirit, emotions or physical being.

The priests of ancient Egypt knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers or chakras. Tere is a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds. Such a technique appears extremely old, yet healing through sound goes back even further - at least as far back as Atlantis where the power of sound combined with the power of crystal.

At the present time the Hopi American Indian prophecy is being fulfilled with the "Coming of the Rainbow People", through the keepers of the crystal bowls. This ancient wisdom has emerged to heal and uplift the consciousness of the universe through pure crystal tone.

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