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Ring Around the Rosie 



pocket full of posies

husha, husha,

They All Fall Down

: as narrated by Pinko Palino

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Chapter One VISION ON



Chapter Four SAY UNCLE

Chapter Five VENDETTA


Chapter Seven BROTHER-HOOD


Chapter  Nine THAT GIRL

Chapter Ten  TWISTER

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To the Family

Parents for the sacrifices imposed and met with surmountable pain and strength, surviving the onslaught of walking through hell together, their only allies being the love shared between them, catalyzing an unbreakable oneness against all the odds, with the only sanctuary being the Lord coupled with the welfare of the collective family.

Fallen peers for their ultimate sacrifice of life, victims supreme, though not in vein as these spirits disemboweled from life, continue as the impacting and inspiring force instilling a desire to champion truth, restoring honour where the blankets of slander lie, overcoming boundaries that they may never more be present, sparing if only one the agony inherent of ignorance and disillusioned souls.

Siblings that they may comprehend the invisible bond of blood, which as it has been coined a phrase, is in fact thicker than water, and must be treated with respect, for all have but one thing in common despite any dissconfigurations inflicted by society, specifically being one another regardless of occurring pretenses, fabricated from other than natures undeniable laws.

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My Parents, Reverend Bill Dengor and Mr. Bog Callar Q.C.. for whom without their eminent dedicated roles, I would not have known even one true member of my family, and therefor would not have had this opportunity of realization for the expressing.

Jill for her compassionate support given freely from the heart to her friend, my brother Cory, as well subsequently befriending our Father through sharing her kinful joys denied himself in the absents of his own children, and in so also proving the man quite able around children, contrary social persecutions.

Jack, for the friendships present at times of need, his son as my school mate in our youthful days, whom formed an invisible conduit connected from myself to my father, unsuspecting to further social persecution.

All those that have lent an ear, understanding and/or guidance, whether suspecting or derived from another level.

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The title appears oh so innocent, but what meanings can be found within. Typically for most people the simplest concept would prove the norm, in thus a pleasant children's nursery rhyme. With either the essence of this rhyme or of our story, the only admiralties of hidden realities are the wise, and the courageous innocent children harmonizing to the bitter sweetest of ends, unknowing of the extent of pandemonium and mayhem though yet remaining diligent until death.

In order that I might expound the magnitude of our scope, first I must share the history of the ditty. So how the tune goes, "Ring around the Rosy" may be considered the focal point of no return encompassing an ancient quarantined plague. In the center of the quarantine the children amuse themselves as their cheeks glow a "rosy" red as a result of the infinite toll of disease. These times were so primitive, from the "pocket" was administered snuff, wrapped in a hanky to be breathed through. "Posies" were the flowers required to relieve the labored way of breath. The society, few of wisdom and many in ignorance and fear, shun with their silence, "husha husha", warning the young of life's susceptibilities in seeing they the diseased, will surly "all fall down" and cease to exist in the awe and all seriousness of illness, whether mental, physical or spiritual. Ashes to Ashes.

The capacity of your own minds eye will determine the extent of your own ability to diagnose the appropriate context of disease, in order to follow the varying convictions to be deciphered from the entirety of these pages. It must be acknowledged that many ghosts will be revealed, their tales astounding and more perverse than any commonly known disease of the natural world. As outrageous as it may appear to the modern man, profane attitudes are instilled by man on himself in a larger and more profoundly appalling degree, in this our society today. The greater atrocity of our era is that, unlike the diseased people of the past whom did not consciously know any better, or hadn't any control of their circumstance, not only dose man now have such control but we have also distorted this power in literally creating the disease of all diseases, lost souls living out a subsistence in purgatory, surrounded by a Ring of demons pacified only by a different flower, specifically a rose remains the symbol of peace and love. Meek are the children, unprotected and abused in an absolute lack of moral protocol, inherent throughout the system and more eminently the world. Many of our young through no fault of their own are destined to becoming the derelict delinquents, adding fuel to the proverbial fire, their rose having been consumed by the devils hand.

One thing remains obscured through all and all... If the children should grow to become productive citizens successful of life and its challenges, remaining untainted while opposing incompetence of supreme reign... And too the devil continues unchecked and free, where from will come truth, honor, duty, courage, justice, respect, and righteousness? The mystery remains, the resolve is yours. Whom is it that will ultimately fall down? Every one of us has the devil inside, for as a two sided sword, without negative there is not an appreciation for positive.

I dare to share with the world, striving with a hope for humanities salvation through showing a trail of murder, rape, belligerence, stupidity, greed, vanity and incompetence, which we may sum up and call the modern day plague, that continually imposes a catalyst for ignorant segregation shown from all that humiliation which has been hushaed for countless years. Meticulously you will see how our fellow man allowed, nay, assisted two half brothers to reside in this country, the translations of their Christian names becoming as one identity. One was an evil bastard, and a greedy impostor determined to reign through manipulative violence, and who was also accompliced by his equally illegitimate peasant type family. The other was my Father, a God fearing soul who was unwittingly duped into relinquishment of his being, only to later discover how his half brothers had raped his wife, banished his children and murdered kin for property. Ponderous riddles appear throughout, examples of how it can be that both a Father and his sons treasures can just vanish. Intriguing as well is how a fathers mother which died during W.W.II and was permanently put to rest in the home land at that given time, though yet this conflicts with evidence that states the same woman later immigrated, lived, died and thence was buried as one and the same mother, though be it under protest from the true mother's son, in that she the impostor was contaminating his new world family plot. Eminently all of this chicanery has been cohortly obscured by the powers liken to the George Orwell's fable, ultimately Big Brother from his entitled 1984. Scaaarey Spooooky. He really is watching! The one biggest flaw in this conspiracy however, is that this is a visible president setting case so sensitive as to have changed the laws, and is also responsible for the then revamped family rights structures and procedures. Surly one can not accepted the case today as being non existent or insignificant by whatever decree, and besides if the contents were either so irrelevant or so pointed, then why had it been sealed so very very tight without any regard for the greater personal interests of the persons to whom the case pertains?

Upon total comprehension you must ask yourself if the owning be of the uncultured, or maybe the learned products of society? I'd rather suspect the duty of an informed society lies with Governmental Social programs, however this avenue's design lacks the peoples scrutiny, shamefully failing that collectively it's foremost responsibility is our people's word. But wait, this statement would ultimately expose many a hypocrite and will not due in the perspective of government and man. Perhaps we should disguise truth as the disease like it has been versed within these pages, chances are this cop out looks blameless enough. So, now where lies the responsibility to treat the illness. I guess that its back to productive society, you and I. Perhaps a lost cause unless man is able to pull it together. Otherwise history will repeat itself, and so as it goes we will "all fall down"! Being so, the only consultation to this essay is... in showing all the blatant extremes, it may well make visible the total disregard to an evident point of pure obviousness, and therefor presents the clear need for addressing all respects of derelict attributes throughout civilization, as it is consciously deemed. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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"There must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the thief,

There's to much confusion, I can't get no relief."

Businessmen they drink my wine, plowmen dig my earth,

None of them among the line know what any of it is worth."

"No reason to get excited, the thief, he kindly spoke.

There are those among us who feel this life is a joke,

But you and I we've been through all that, and this is not our fait,

So lets not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late."

All along the watchtower, princes kept the view,

while all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

Outside in the distance a wild cat did growl,

Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.
Bob Dylan 

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